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Atlanta celebrity bowling event helping kids with disabilities

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    FULTON COUNTY, GA (WGCL) — We are getting results for a local teenager in need of new cochlear implants.

We first introduced you to Eric Burt Jr. a couple weeks ago, and after our story aired, it caught the attention of a former college and professional football player whose son is dealing with the same thing.

“We’re going to give you a check for $1,000,” announced Tabitha Miller, the Founder and CEO of the Payton Warrick Foundation. 13-year-old Eric Burt Jr. got a big surprise at the celebrity bowling fundraiser put on by the Payton Warrick Foundation.

“It really feels amazing,” Eric Burt Jr. said. A check along with donations from celebrities and community members invited to the VIP bowling event.

“A lot of insurance doesn’t cover cochlear implants,” Miller told CBS46’s Melissa Stern, “We’ve had to get a lot of things replaced, so we just know the struggle of it.”

Eric Burt Jr. needs new cochlear implants, as his current ones aren’t working. “The devices are extremely expensive,” Miller added. After seeing CBS46’s Melissa Stern original story, the Payton Warrick Foundation wanted to do something to help.

“After the story aired on CBS46, we got so many phone calls,” said Eric Burt Sr. “A lot of people at school wanted to donate and stuff,” added Eric Burt Jr.

That included Peter Warrick and Tabitha Miller. “We’re trying to raise money to replace his device,” said Miller. “My son is going through the same thing, he has cochlear implants, too,” added Warrick.

Former college and professional football player, Peter Warrick, and Tabitha Miller started the Payton Warrick Foundation after their son was born deaf. “He needs it, that’s the only way he can really hear, is with them,” Miller added. “Before he got it done, I would walk in the house, and he didn’t know I was there, but since he has the cochlear implants, as soon as I walk in, he turns around, and that makes me smile,” said Warrick.

“It’s like a dream come true, we never expected this,” said Eric Burt Sr. “It felt like a big opportunity,” Eric Burt Jr. said, about being invited to the big event. The Payton Warrick Foundation is a non-profit educating and supporting individuals and families living with cerebral palsy, hearing loss, and other special needs.

The Burt family is now well on their way to raising enough money to get new cochlear implants for Eric Burt Jr. “We’re getting very, very close, we’re excited, we thank God for it, getting very, very close,” said Eric Burt Sr., “It’s just been a blessing…I just thank you for giving toward this cause, it’s going to help my son tremendously.”

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