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Rexburg Missing Children

Grandparents of J.J. visit where the remains of their grandson were found

Tylee and JJ
Tylee and JJ

REXBURG, Idaho (KIFI/KIDK) - It's been a little more than 24 hours since the community and the nation found out the tragic truth about what happened to Tylee and J.J. from their family members.

For months J.J.'s grandparents Kay and Larry Woodcock have been searching for answers, hoping to bring their grandson back home.

Tuesday's discovery by law enforcement shattered any kind of hope of having a reunion, but Larry says, they have no hard feelings toward the family.

"It's torn up so many people, it's destroyed. It's torn up hope, homes, and there's no need for this. I'm not coming in hostility in any way. I come with trying to be the peacemaker, and that's all. I just want to be a peacemaker I want, let's all get along here," Larry Woodcock said.

With both the children's mother Lori Vallow-Daybell and stepfather Chad Daybell currently behind bars, Larry says, the judicial system will take care of those responsible.

"It's not about hatred. This is about mending fences and that's all I want to do. I'm not worried about the people that are responsible for this. The judicial system will take care of that," Larry said.

All throughout the search of the children neighbors have asked "Where are the children? Now the question has changed to "What happened to the children?"

"Hoping that they can find the evidence and make sure that justice is served," said Rexburg neighbor Jan Wright.

People have come from all over East Idaho to pay their respects, leaving bears and flowers as a reminder.

"We heard that Tylee's color was purple and that J.J.'s was blue so that's why we chose them," said Hailey Yates and Sheri Squires.

On Saturday neighbors are hosting an event at the Madison County Courthouse at 11 a.m. to tie ribbons across Rexburg in memory of Tylee and J.J. Anyone is welcome to attend.

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Jilliana Colin

Jilliana Colina

Jilliana is a reporter for Local News 8 and KIDK Eyewitness News 3.


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  1. I am, at once, deeply sympathetic to theses grandparents AND appreciative of them. Were it not for THEIR long-distance concern, these children would have–most likely–been simply yet ANOTHER pair the ‘system’ had failed. Safeguards, both from the education system AND law enforcement, failed at every turn. The grandparents ‘welfare’ request to the Madison County authorities set in place an ACTUAL ‘welfare check’/concern which was wholly absent prior from the incident prior to that. Exhumations, etc. started a previously ‘overlooked’ investigation which will–hopefully–end in at least ONE life sentence for what could best be defined as a sub-human.
    I am 100% a law enforcement advocate. I see what this nation has become WITH them and have not the imagination to even guess what it would be without them. The education system also had a
    responsibility–certainly moral, and most likely ‘legal’–to protect who those too young to protect themselves. THEY failed miserably!
    While it may never be known, I would suspect these two innocents’ first day of NOT attending school was ’caused’ by their murders. Ergo, for the education system OR law enforcement to have acted….what, two MONTHS before they actually DID (?) would not have change the ultimate outcome.
    But….I have found myself in bed at night wondering just how many OTHER missing children were without even an extended family who cared about them….how do they say that? Of yeah; “Somehow just slipped through the cracks.”
    BTW (and I am a lifelong agnostic): How come this whole “Evil Mormon Doomsday CULT” fantasy has yet to produce ANYTHING besides the two sub-human creature involved in the murder? History has shown that MOST ‘cults’ (‘Mormon offshoot’ or other) revolve around a (lead) group of pedophiles who want to obtain children FOR their perversions. Evil exists, and it needs neither a “cult’s” brainwashing techniques OR ‘mental illness’, which I’m sure Larry the Lawyer will be only TOO happy to use as an excuse.

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