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Two arrested for Rexburg burglary

Rexburg Police have arrested a man and woman for attempting to steal items from WalMart. Heather Parris, 41, of Rexburg was charged with felony burglary, grand theft, misdemeanor petit theft, and willful concealment. She was being held in the Madison County jail. A 15-year-old male juvenile, also of Rexburg, was charged with grand theft, burglary, possession of burglary instruments, resisting and obstructing officers, and providing false information to law enforcement. He attempted to run away from police outside the store. The boy was being held in the 5-C Juvenile Detention facility. According to police, WalMart security officers contacted police at 9:18 p.m. Thursday to help them track down two people who were concealing items from the store. Officers obtained cellphone video of the crime inside the store. Police apprehended the two as they pushed two separate shopping carts filled with stolen items out of the store. Parris was also charged with petit theft for a theft that occurred three days earlier. She was wearing clothes allegedly stolen from the store at the time of her arrest. Police recovered over $3,972.86 worth of stolen property.

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