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Bonneville School District 93 holds school board meeting post bond fail

Bonneville School District 93 has to retool its construction plans.

A majority of voters voted against the proposed $42.7 million bond on Tuesday night’s ballot.

In a school board meeting Wednesday, the school board discussed many factors that caused the bond to fail.

Some factors they discussed were:

Misinformation about the bond Voters being upset about different issues going on in the District and therefore taking it out on the bond Confusing wording on the ballot Strong campaign from the opposition

Now D93 is considering other solutions.

“We may have to do a little of boundary adjustment, we’re going to reassess populations at the school, make sure that every school has as many students as we can put there, and we’ll go forward,” said Bonneville Joint School District 93 chairman, Paul Jenkins.

The factors that were mentioned in the school board meeting were just speculation, to get a clearer perspective of what the voters feel. The district is planning on doing an after poll survey.

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