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Rapid growth at District 93 enables school board to authorize emergency levy fund

An issue discussed at Bonneville School District 93’s school board meeting on Wednesday: how to deal with the rapid growth numbers.

The school board authorized an emergency levy fund. It’s available to use when the school districts average daily attendance has increased over the prior year.

The school district looked at attendance for this year and compared it to last year, and they found they’re up about 393 students.

The levy has been in place for many years and doesn’t increase the tax rate.

“If we have 400 more students than we’ve got to have more teachers, there could be more bussing. There’s just lots of things that are triggered when you have 400 more students and so that’s why the state has that statue in place,” said Bonneville School District 93’s chief financial officer Guy Wangsgard.

There is no vote needed by neighbors for the levy since the state law authorizes the school board to authorize it.

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