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2 Idaho National Laboratory employees knighted

The United States Cavalry and Armor Association developed the award and knighting ceremony to recognize people who have significantly contributed to the military’s operational success, morale or welfare.

Both Jeff Lacy and Bob Schumitz never thought they would be knighted one day.

“It’s cool,” Schmitz said. “It’s a unique ceremony that very few get to go through.”

Schumitz spent many years in the U.S. Army Calvary as a commissioned officer in the infantry before working at the lab.

He goes on to say, “To have received this type of award, now being at INL is a tremendous honor.”

Lacy says he appreciates the tradition of the army, and to receive the award with both his family and work family felt special.

“Where I work at SMC is really kind of a big family culture,” Lacy said. “So this group is always kind of really tight anyway. It’s not really feeling like a new group or like an elite group. It’s kind of a very nice recognition of the work we are doing.”

Retired U.S. Army General John Tilelli is happy to showcase both men with a prestigious award.

“Any time you can recognize people who have done great things for the men and women who serve. It makes your heart swell. So it doesn’t get old at all,” he said.

Only 11 INL employees have received the award.

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