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How the Idaho Fish and Game is helping hunters gain access to landlocked land

In Idaho, some of our favorite hunting sports can be land locked by private property.

Idaho Fish and Game’s statewide program called ‘Access Yes’ is the key to unlocking some of those lands.

Private landowners who are signed up for the program receive a small compensation for public use of their private property. Each landowner has specific restrictions and opportunities, so you want to make sure to review those before you head out.

“Within our region we have 14 properties that we have signed up under the ‘Access Yes’ program and it roughly entails 26,000 acres of public land that can be used by sportsman and roughly 136,000 acres of public land that can be accessed through these properties which is very important within our region and within other regions of the state as well,” said Idaho Fish and Game’s landowner sportsman coordinator Duston Cureton.

For a list of private properties under the ‘Access Yes’ program, click here.

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