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Boundary markers float with the wind

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Jean Vincent / Idaho Fish and Game

HENRY'S LAKE, Idaho (KIFI/KIDK) - If you're planning to do some ice fishing on Henry's Lake, be advised, you may not be where you think you are.

Idaho Fish and Game personnel placed buoys on the lake to warn off anglers from illegally fishing within 100 yards of Hatchery Creek.  

But overnight winds moved several of the marker buoys inside of the fishing closure and closer to shore, where they became frozen in place.  

Fish and Game staff are working to place additional buoys at the boundary until the originals can be safely retrieved.  Bear in mind, it is the angler's responsibility to ensure they are following the closure law. 

Officially, the portion of Henry's Lake within 100 yards of Hatchery Creek is closed to fishing. Moving across that portion of the lake is not advised, since moving water from Hatchery Creek can cause the ice within the closure area to be unsafe.

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