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Snow event triggers Idaho Falls plows

idaho falls snow plow
City of Idaho Falls

IDAHO FALLS, Idaho (KIFI/KIDK)-Snowfall in Idaho Falls officially hit two inches Friday, triggering parking restrictions in the city.

City policy requires all vehicles to be removed from roadways to allow room for plows to clear the roads.

According to city officials, plowing narrow streets that are congested with parked vehicles is dangerous. It also limits the effectiveness of snow removal.

Some narrow streets may not be plowed at all if equipment cannot safely drive down them. Vehicles parked on the sreets after a snow event are subject to ticketing and towing in accordance with snow removal parking restrictions.

The following rules are also in effect:

Parking restrictions for streets within Zone B (majority of the city) include no parking during a snow event, beginning Friday, Nov. 30, until completion. The city will issue another notice when snow removal operations are complete.

During a snow event, parking restrictions in downtown are as follows:

No parking on east & west streets on any odd calendar day, 12 a.m. to 8 a.m. (Sunday, Dec. 1)

No parking on north & south streets on any even calendar day, 12 a.m. to 8 a.m. (Monday, Dec. 2)


We anticipate beginning Zone A on Monday, Dec. 2. However the temperatures may rise enough that the snow on the roads may melt by Monday. If the temperatures do not rise and snow removal is necessary in Zone A, we will send another notification with the dates and times.

You can track snowplow activities here.

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  1. This is my first Idaho Falls snow event.
    After driving around town this morning, there doesn’t seem to be much of an effort by the snowplows.
    My neighbors told me not to expect much in the way of municipal services, especially with the current mayor. I hope they are wrong.

  2. Get used to it.
    This wasn’t that much snow.
    Few years back it was so bad, you could not get out of the streets for a couple days.
    Once it got so bad it shut the city down.
    You might want to reconsider moving here and head down south a bit.

    1. Having no choice but to drive earlier this evening, I could see where snowplows had been working.
      I’m trying to figure out why the city apparently makes a big deal about warning people that they could be towed for parking on the streets. There were quite a few parked vehicles on Skyline where it was obvious the plows merely skirted around them and based on the snow on and around them, they had parked there for a while. I guess other streets in t the city had the same situation.
      Either follow through on the threats or don’t say anything. This is just like empty threats to get a kid to do something and not following it up with consequences.
      I’m beginning to believe what is being said about the Mayor’s office.

  3. Yep. It’s like that for years. I seen cars buried so deep that after the mounds of snow turns into ice, people Won’t move them until spring.
    As for the mayor, well theres a lot to be said about that subject.

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