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Rigby Police has new software to get tips and evidence from the community

Rigby Police has new software to get tips and evidence from the community

RIGBY, Idaho (KIFI) - The Rigby Police Department has new software to help them get tips and evidence from the community.

The old Axon body cam the Rigby Police Department used to document footage is being replaced with the Axon 3.

The new Axon 3 comes with software that stores footage.

This new program will help them fight crime with the help of neighbors.

"We always need citizens assistance in any type of policing activity, said Chief Sam Tower of the Rigby Police Department. "One of the biggest pluses of having an engaged citizenry in police work is we can't always be everywhere. We can't see everything and so if we have the citizens with the attitude of helping us out, they can help be our eyes. They can help collect digital evidence for us this software that comes with these body cams. It makes that a lot easier."

This new program isn't just for anyone.

Specific individuals who are able to help out in a case will have access to submit files.

"So it's specific to each case. If the officer who's investigating deems it necessary he can text that individual a potential witness link which is secure," said Tower. "It goes to our cloud database to that case only. They're able to directly upload that digital evidence. Whether it be a photograph, whether it be a recording, whether it be a text on their phone. Any type of digital evidence they can upload."

The Rigby Police Department believes this new software will help make the community safer.

The Rigby Police Department started using the new program on February 1st.

They say it has already been beneficial with their investigations.

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