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Pinecrest Golf Course undergoing renovations to install a new irrigation system

IDAHO FALLS, Idaho (KIFI) - If you've been to Pinecrest Golf Course this summer, you might've noticed some changes. That's because a new $3 million irrigation system and new sprinklers are being installed all over the course.

Pinecrest Head Golf Professional Tim Reinke said they're making great progress so far.

"The front nine is where we're doing it right now and we're almost nearing completion," Reinke said. "Probably a couple more weeks. We're hoping so. And then once that transition happens, we'll move to the back nine."

Idaho Falls Director of Parks and Recreation PJ Holm added that the old irrigation system needed to be replaced.

"It was outdated and had a lot of issues with not being able to control each individual section," Holm said. "It made it so that you kind of had to dump the same amount of water on everything."

Holm also said the new system will help to conserve more water.

"We're actually going to now be using surface water to water Pinecrest," Holm said. "And so that's going to be a huge saving and a great conservation piece for the city of Idaho Falls."

As renovations have progressed, Reinke said crews hit some obstacles that slowed down the project.

"We had a lot of lava rock on the front nine that we hit and that lava rock is what slowed us down," Reinke said.

Though there are brown spots on the course while crews work on the front nine, once the entire system is installed on the front nine, Reinke said the course will be good as new.

"I think Pinecrest will probably be in the best shape of any course in the state," Reinke said.

Reinke estimates work on the front nine will be complete in a couple of weeks. Once that work is complete, the front nine will reopen to the public and work will begin on the back nine. Reinke also said the project should be finished in late fall.

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