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Are you looking to maximize your reach to potential customers? Are you looking to grow your business and market share? Let our team of marketing consultants develop a comprehensive marketing campaign to get you the results you’re looking for through research utilizing the best tools in the industry. We offer blended campaigns utilizing lifestyle marketing tactics to reach your potential consumers on whatever platform they use.

The powerful reach of broadcast TV properties combined with the targeted, interactive nature of and our portfolio of digital platforms offers a marketing solution impossible to match in the greater Idaho Falls-Pocatello area.

KIFI Local News 8 drives viewers to and the Local News 8 Mobile App for the latest local news, weather, sports and consumer information. These motivated, potential customers are then directly targeted with your online marketing message. Your business will benefit from the incredible traffic generating ability of KIFI Local News 8, and the Local News 8 Mobile App.

Blended lifestyle marketing is truly the most effective medium.

  • Blending Broadcast Television with a digital portfolio delivers a more precise impression-based marketing campaign
  • Potential customers are consuming media on many different platforms. Now, more than ever, it’s important to have a blended marketing campaign
  • Impression based advertising is the future and is available now


General Manager/Director of Sales
Kalvin Pike

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