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WATCH LIVE: Day 6 Chad Daybell Trial


BOISE, Idaho (KIFI) - Melanie Gibb took the stand Thursday to testify in at the Chad Daybell murder trial. Gibb is the former best friend of Lori Vallow.

Gibb testified Lori and Chad met for the first time at a conference in St. George, Utah.

Gibb said they were focused on each other.  She said they talked about multiple lives and that Chad and Lori had been together.  

Lindsey Blake, prosecutor: "But when you talked to her about her conversation with Chad at that conference, she told you Chad gave her some additional information."

Gibb: "That's right."

Blake: "Did she say anything regarding what Chad and told her about she and Chad?"

Gibb: "That they had been married in previous probation? "

Blake: "Did Lori seem receptive of that information? "

Gibb: “She did. "

At the time of the conference, Chad and Lori were both still married to other people.
Chad began telling Lori about light and dark spirits and how evil spirits can possess people.

Blake: "At some point, did she talk to you more about what it meant? If the evil spirit came in, like where the actual person went."

Gibb: "So, when a dark spirit would take over, the original spirit of the person would go into the spirit world."

Blake: "And that's what she originally told you."

Gibb: "That's right."

Blake: "And did she tell you she received that information from Chad?"

Gibb: "Yes."

Testimony continues Thursday afternoon.


BOISE, Idaho (KIFI) - Day 5 of the Chad Daybell Trial began with Rexburg Police Det. Chuck Kunsaitis taking the stand to present evidence of Lori Vallow's bank accounts associated with money received from Social Security for JJ and Tylee.

Those accounts had deposits of thousands of dollars coming in monthly as payments to Tylee and JJ.

Tylee’s account was closed shortly after her death and the money was transferred into Lori’s account.

In September of 2019, a deposit was made into Lori’s account with JJ’s benefits. Prosecutor Rob Wood asks Detective Kunsaitis about that deposit. “And detective, was there anything significant about that deposit date to you? Yes. What is that? JJ was killed a few days later on or around the 22nd. 23rd," Kunsaitis said.

In addition to Lori’s financial records, they also looked at those of Alex Cox and Chad Daybell. Alex had a joint account with Lori. He made 46 purchases for gun-related items.

The afternoon session started with a few fireworks as Chad's attorney, John Prior, started the cross-examination.

Prior asked about a timeline of events, including Chad's travel at the time of Charles Vallow’s death.

John Prior: "So we don't know what the purpose of that is. What we know is that he met, Lori Vallow and, in October of 2018, and that he traveled for a couple of trips. Okay. And then on the same timeline, you put Charles Vallow's death back on July 11th of 2019. Mr. Daybell traveling twice. What does that have to do with Charles Vallow's death?"

Kunsaitis: "It doesn't have anything to do with Charles Vallow's death."

Prior: "But why did you put it on this timeline?"

Kunsaitis: "To show it from January of 2019, across the entire year."

Prior: "Or was it just to get a reaction from the jury? So, then they would say, oh my goodness, he's traveling, and he must be going to see someone, even though you don't even know where and what he was going for, right?"

Prosectors: "Objection. Argumentative.”

Judge Steven Boyce: "Sustained. Counsel, apparently, we need a brief sidebar quickly. Sorry."

The attorneys were out for several minutes. When the judge returned, he said it wasn't just about the testimony, but someone in the courtroom may have been illegally recording audio.

When cross-examination got underway again, Prior asked about what this financial information had to do with Chad.

Prior: "Now, there's no information to suggest that Chad Daybell took any of the funds from the Social Security of Tylee or JJ. Right?"

Kunsaitis: "Correct."

Prior: "Okay. So those allegations have to do with Lori Vallow?"

Kunsaitis: "Yes."

Prior: "So, in regards to Chad Daybell, the issues of all that Social Security and then the money that was taken is just, a reflection on Lori Vallow. It's not a reflection on Chad Daybell, is it?"

Kunsaitis: "Correct."

Prior: "Okay. Judge I think that's all I have. Thank you. "

The state then called a forensic accountant, Michael Douglas, from the FBI to testify.

Douglas went through several timelines to document money transfers and airline ticket purchases.

Douglas was just starting to explain a ten-thousand-dollar money transfer Chad Daybell made to his personal account and to children the morning the police were searching his property for the remains of Tylee and JJ when court ended for the day. 

Tomorrow morning, we will find out what happened to the $10,000 and other money that was being moved around to prove the case of grand theft.

Wednesday's court hearing below:

Linda Larsen is in Boise and will provide a full report during our evening newscasts.

You can view a timeline of events and all our past stories on Chad Daybell and Lori Vallow-Daybell HERE.

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