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Pocatello Deputy Chief retires after 33 years of service

Pocatello City Hall is usually home to City Council meetings, public information and other assorted communities tasks. Today was a little different.

A “roast” of sorts was held to honor Major Jim Peterson, Deputy Chief of the Pocatello Police Department, who retired today.

Peterson served 33 years in Pocatello, breaking up bar fights, joking with new trainees and holding a tight leash on the budget throughout his career.

Today, friends, family and co-workers gathered to honor the Major with old memories and some funny gifts.

Peterson walked away from the ceremony with many thoughtful items: A bottle of Scotch whiskey, an oil can for his “tight budget,” and a key to the city.

Through all the year Peterson said he’s gone through six guns but still holds the same pair of handcuffs he had day one.

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