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Idaho Republican Convention kicks off at Holt Arena

Holt Arena on the campus of Idaho State University is usually home to Bengal’s athletics, but for the next three days, it’s the home of the Idaho Republican Party.

The event is expected to be a huge draw in a community that had, in the past, voted on the Democratic side.

The event is really more than just a political meeting, it’s a spectacle.

The floor that usually is covered in cleats and sneakers is now catering to dress shoes. Where a down marker would normally be, there is an NRA self-defense and target stand.

The convention will also receive a lot of attention from the appearance of incoming NRA president, Oliver North. The party is focused on what they are viewing as an “infraction” on second amendment rights, something North will surely address.

Running from Thursday to Saturday, the event is expected to draw in hundreds, or possibly thousands of people, bolstering the local economy.

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