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Sunny and Warmer for Tuesday

Dry and sunny weather remains for the week and the autumnal equinox tomorrow. High pressure is briefly given a push from a weak front Wednesday which will cool temperatures a few degrees before we ramp back up to the upper 70's by weekend.

Today: Sunny, cool 66-70 for the valley.

Tonight: Early patchy frost into tomorrow morning, warmer than it has been overnight. Low's in the upper 30's. 37-44.

Wednesday: Sunny and warmer and some breezy conditions late with a weak trough moving through. Highs low-to-mid 70's. 74-77.

Thursday: Slightly cooler and sunny. Highs low 70's.

Friday/Saturday/Sunday: Sunny, dry and warming up 77-80 and continuing this streak into Monday.

Jeff Roper, First Alert Weather

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Jeff Roper

Jeff has been forecasting the weather on television since 1995. That makes him the most experienced weather forecaster in Eastern Idaho and Western Wyoming, since he joined our team in 2018. Start your day with Local News 8 in the morning at 5am & 6am, and noon, every Monday through Friday.


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