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Rexburg City Council votes not to mandate masks

REXBURG, Idaho (KIFI/KIDK) - The Rexburg City Council voted 4-2 against a mask ordinance.

The Council did approve, "United We Stand against COVID initiative", a resolution that will provide education to the community about the virus. More details will be provided later by the city on the resolution.

Plenty of protestors were outside City Hall saying the face covering ordinance is against their rights.

"As a Patriot, this is really taking away my rights and my liberties from being able to act freely in society," Protestor, Giulliano Prieto said.

"None of these people will be mad or argue with somebody for wearing a mask, I don't have a problem with it. I don't have a problem with you wearing a mask, but we have a problem with is being told to do something that just doesn't register with statistics and data."

The replay of the City Council meeting can be viewed here.

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Adrian Luevano

Adrian Luevano

Adrian is a reporter and sports anchor for Local News 8 and KIDK Eyewitness News 3.



  1. So, what happens when a tourist, either from out of state or in state passes through the city and does not have a mask?

    And now that Dr. Death is saying face cheap cloth face masks will protect the wearer (remember it was first they did nothing, then it was they protected other people, and not it is they protect the user too) then only those who are afraid need to wear the mask cause they will be fully protected. Or so say the so called scientists, who have no clue at this time.

    And yes, I believe in science but science is NOT FINAL it changes, and I do not trust the scientists who are too political.

    Want to wear a mask do so, but to demand people wear a mask is not a great idea.

    1. First, as a science major myself, I have to correct you here; science does not change, it is only the people who are doing it that get things wrong (so our understanding of science changes). I too hate that people keep saying “the science says”; there has not been enough time for people to actually know what the science says. It is only the observations that say anything at this point.

      Now as to the masks. Observational data does indicate that they help; however, they are not and never have been absolute. The N95 mask for example is not capable of physically blocking viruses; they are to small. What the N95 does have is an electrostatic effect that adheres to viruses much like swiffers attract dust and adhere to it. That being the case, a cloth face mask does help because it collects non-aerosolized virus as it is suspended in larger droplets and it can help prevent aerosolization by trapping moisture in your mask that you exhale.

      Here is a fun fact as for requiring masks in Idaho though. Regardless of how anyone feels about the Sars-Cov-2 virus (hoax or threat) medical professionals indicate that it does represent a threat of great bodily harm to anyone who contracts it. In addition, people have been arrested for coughing on police officers and charged with assault. What this means is, legally, anyone not wearing a mask in public while breathing can constitute a threat of great bodily harm to others. According to Idaho statute 18-4009, 19-201, and 19-202 anyone who constitutes a threat of great bodily harm to you, a loved one (paraphrased because it lists everyone), or anyone who is in danger, you may use lethal force to stop said person. It is not required to verify that a threat actually exists but it is sufficient to be in fear of that threat as long as a reasonable person in the same situation without the benefit of hindsight would also be in fear. The burden of proof then falls on prosecutors to prove a lack of fear. If a person is believed to be a threat it is presumed that they are in the commission of a felony and it is therefor considered justifiable homicide.

      Now, if a mask mandate is ordered it makes not wearing a mask a misdemeanor and thus also removes the presumed threat as the law then identifies it clearly as less than a felony; this removes it from the being covered by section 18-4009, 19-201, and 19-202.

      So in short, with no mask mandate any mask wearing gun toting Idahoan can kill someone for not wearing a mask; with a mask mandate they can’t.

      The question then is, do you want Idaho to self enforce masks? or do you want it to be the government enforcing it?

      To be clear, yes people have the right to not wear a mask; don’t forget though, others have rights too and in Idaho, the 2nd amendment trumps everything. To everyone not caring because masks protect only others, guess what, this is why they protect you too.

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