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Fatal Accident On I-15 Northbound

Timothy Wight, 42, of Idaho Falls died after a quick moving snow storm created slick and dangerous conditions on I-15 late Sunday evening.

“We had a snow storm come in pretty quickly, and created some icy conditions on the road,” said Sgt. Chris Elverud of Idaho State Police. ” It looks like some cars slid out. Another car behind it was going too fast, it hit the rear of one vehicle, and that car went into a spin. Then another vehicle hit that, so you’ve got three vehicles involved right now.”

Elverud said people in the other cars are a bit shaken up but no one else was injured or killed in the accident.

ISP closed northbound I-15 traffic to one lane to investigate and clear the accident.

The lane was closed for approximately three and a half hours.

“With the weather being so cold, and these snow storms coming in, its just imperative that everyone slows down and keep a following distance,” said Elverud. “If you think it’s slick, err on the side of being slick and slow down. Have the proper tires, and again just err on the side of caution and safety.”

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