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Salvation Army bell ringers ring in more than $60,000

The Salvation Army’s bell ringers have been spotted throughout eight stores throughout this holiday season. Service Coordinator of the Salvation Army Darin Fisher said so far, bell ringers have brought in around $60,000 this year alone.

“It’s more than last year.”

Fisher said it will help to maintain their Salvation Army facility here in Pocatello. That’s where the money will go toward, as well as helping to serve hot meals to families in need.

“Monday through Friday, 11 to 11:30a.m. we serve a hot meal to anyone who would like to come down.”

Bell ringers in total have made that happen. Fisher says they get paid hourly and don’t get paid from the money they collect in their Salvation Army buckets.

“I’m just so grateful that everyone is giving back to the community,” said Fred Meyer bell ringer Agafia Anfilofieff.

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