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Apartments target for burglaries

During the Christmas break, college apartment complexes are targets for burglary. Rexburg Police Department reported four instances of burglary or suspicious activity within a three-day period.
All of these reports occurred at apartment complexes.

On Dec. 24. Police found an open door at a complex. The apartment was searched but no one was there.
Dec. 25. Officers were patrolling an area already alerted for suspicious activity. They found an open door, conducted a search and secured the apartment.
There were two reports on Dec. 27.
A burglary at Jordan Ridge Apartments is still under investigation for missing items.
Another apartment had a burglary call. The manager and tenants were notified of the stolen items. It is still under investigation as well.

ADS Security says don’t keep valuable possessions in places where they can be seen from outside of your house. This only attracts burglars to your home.

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