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Safety tips on wildlife venturing to your backyard

“Let them be and let them pass through,” said Regional Conservation Officer Scott Wright of the Idaho Department of Fish and Game.

Winter is in full swing, which means wildlife, deer, elk, and moose can be seen more often that not in your backyard. Wright says to not approach them.

“They can injure themselves or someone if they feel scared or cornered. If they don’t leave your property, that’s when you call Fish and Game or the Sheriff’s office and we’ll assess the situation,” said Wright.

He says they usually come down from the mountains to feed in the early morning or night time hours when it snows. Unlike deer, moose are rarely seen on the roads and interstate. But Wright says he remembers an incident 20 years ago when a driver of a Jeep Cherokee hit an oncoming moose crossing the street. It killed the moose, completely totaled the Jeep, but the driver was left unharmed.

“Just be careful when you travel. Those deer and wildlife signs are there for a reason.”

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