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Expert: Third Party Candidate Win Won’t Happen

With 34 days until the November 8 th general election, you are likely to be hearing about candidates Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. You will also be hearing more of the lesser known candidates like Jill Stein, Gary Johnson and Evan McMullian. While the third party candidates will fight for your votes, their likelihood of them winning is slim to none, according to experts.

“There is great potential for mischievous,” Political Analyst David Adler, said to KIFI/KIDK. “There’s great potential for influence and certainly enough to effect the results.”

Adler says, while a third party win won’t happen, what is more likely for third party candidates is to take votes away from Hillary and Donald, resulting in who could win the presidency.

Adler says, battleground stats like Florida, Ohio and New Mexico will play a big role in third party candidates and their votes.

Adler thinks instead of a lesser known candidate winning, this year is the start of a movement away from the two party system.

“This could be election year in which there is a significant number of voters who remain disaffected and cant find support in neither Donald or Hillary candidacy or the policy they are prompting and could be ready for a third party candidate in 2020,”

Current electoral college mock-ups have Clinton winning the 270 needed to gain the Presidency.

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