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4th Annual Ag Fest coming to town

A unique festival showing appreciation to farmers is taking place in Idaho Falls, Saturday October, 19th.

Ag Fest is giving back to agriculture workers and their families.

The event is more than a thank you to those who work in the industry, Phil Simpson says it is all about supporting a key part of our community.

“This event is one that allows all the growers, all the ranchers, all the businesses in the valley to really recognize Idaho’s most important business which is agriculture.” Said Simpson, the CEO of Taylor and Sons Farm.

Representatives from healthcare to colleges will also be on hand to help workers with any needs.

It is also not just for workers, but for kids.

They get their own room complete with cotton candy and a bounce house.

Nikki Perez is a volunteer and says it is a great way to give back.

“It’s a fun way to give back to the community, all the hard work the ag workers do and just they get to bring their families and have a lot of fun and get to learn new things, the health centers come, the colleges come, they get to improve their lifestyle that way.” Said Perez.

Ag Fest is open to everyone at the Pinecrest event center in Idaho Falls.

Agricultural workers and their families can get in for free with a pay stub as proof of employment.

The cost for individual workers is $5 and $7 for families.

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