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Retreat gives moms of kids with cancer a weekend full of pamper

This weekend in Swan Valley, Camp Magical Moments Cancer Camp for Kids became a pamper retreat for these mothers both physically and emotionally.

“Being with a group of women who have been where I have been, which is a lonely place. We have such a great time you have an instant connection,” said Camille Ashcraft.

Camille Ashcraft is one of 25 moms who attended the ninth annual moms retreat.
Ashcraft who’s 12-year-old daughter Olive was diagnosed at four months old with a brain stem spinal cord tumor, has been coming to the camp for five years,

“I leave feeling better, I leave knowing that I’m ready to do the daily grind of being a mom of a kid with cancer,” said Ashcraft.

For these moms, taking care of themselves isn’t the first priority, Ann Walsh camp founder and director along with her dedicated volunteers, make sure that for one weekend a year it is.

“If you don’t take care of yourself, you can’t be any good for your family. So the moms now realize, they’re not being selfish, they have to have a weekend where they can just get away and be around other moms to give them that support,” said Walsh.

During the completely free four day retreat, the moms are welcome to participate in any activity they desire. That includes zip lining, therapy sessions with dr. Carol, bath bomb making, baking, painting, holiday crafts, spa treatments and delicious meals in between.

“You just feel like you can release and heal from everything that’s been going on,” said Drew Darrington.

Even though the camp is only once a year, these moms maintain the supportive friendship they build year round.

“It is an incredible group of women, the support they give to each other is amazing,” said Walsh.

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