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Chubbuck voters say no to evaluating city merger, new library

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CHUBBUCK, Idaho (KIFI/KIDK) - Chubbuckians are passionate about Chubbuck, and they made that clear in Tuesday's election.

The question of whether to combine the cities of Pocatello and Chubbuck has been posed for years. This time, Bannock County asked only if residents were interested in exploring the idea further.

“In Chubbuck, no huge surprise, there’s less appetite. We expected that,” said Ryan Satterfield, the Vice Chair for the One City Exploratory Committee.

While 53 percent of voters said no to the idea, a quick glance at the precincts showed Pocatello voters are more open to exploring the idea than their Chubbuck neighbors.

The entire county, including residents in cities like McCammon and Lava Hot Springs, responded to the question. The committee will now delve into the votes and determine which areas of the county are in favor or not in favor.

Then, the committee will decide if there's enough support to evaluate the benefits and costs of merging the two cities.

“If the answer is yes, for example some of those conversations would be, do we try and do some type of study, is there enough support there to do that, how will this study be funded,” Satterfield said.

And if there's not enough support, Satterfield said the committee will dissolve and the idea will die out.

Another idea Chubbuckians shot down Tuesday night was the proposed $12 million bond for a new library.

The Portneuf District Library asked property owners again if they would support a bond, and for the second time, they were denied.

“We were showing a 70% approval rate, so to not hear all the negative feedback and have it fail that badly was really a shock to us,” said Holly Jackson, the director of the library.

In the past 20 years, the library has outgrown the original space and has had dreams of building a new locations. For now, those dreams are dashed.

“Right now, we’re taking a step back from that. We might look at a bond again in several years, but at the moment, we’re trying to figure out what services and collections we can cut back in order to fit in the current space,” Jackson said.

The library said they'll try to find ways to provide the same level of service as normal.

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Emma Iannacone

Emma is a reporter for Local News 8 and KIDK Eyewitness News 3.


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  1. Who cares what area of Bannock county are interested in a merger of Poky and Chubby? It only affects the residents of two cities. And who is this Satterfield bozo? Read the results and stop wasting any taxpayer money and get on with your life. There is NO reason to combine and in reality, the smaller city in a merger ends up getting screwed in the rear with higher taxes. (Look back at Alameda and Poky merger; circa 60s.)

    As for the library…..GOOD. This district did not need a monument to the board, did not need more conference rooms to compete against private companies. ONLY thing a library needs is books, internet access, some computers and that is the basic needs. And with electronic books expanding, just access to the electronic library available, internet searches can locate more info in five minutes than most libraries can hold on their shelves.

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