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Fire season expected to continue during summer months

IDAHO FALLS, Idaho (KIFI) - We are in the middle of fire season here in Eastern Idaho, and the impact has been lower than anticipated. 

Sarah Wheeler of the Eastern Idaho Interagency Fire Center says a collaborative effort from neighboring agencies has helped. 

"Let's say we're seeing a huge increase in fire activity in Washington and Oregon, but nothing in eastern Idaho, we can send engines and resources and air resources to those large fires during their periods of really increased fire activity," Wheeler said. "Likewise when theirs slow down and maybe it picks up in Eastern Idaho, they'll share resources with us."

Wheeler also credits people for being responsible when using public land. 

"People are being really conscious out there on their public lands," Wheeler said. "I think people are making sure their trailers are in good working order. I think people are not lighting fireworks on public lands, because they realize it is incredibly hot and incredibly dry. We need to minimize our impacts as much as possible."

However, the surrounding area is at risk for more natural starts.

"Normally, July and August is when we start seeing those lightning storms track across the desert," Wheeler said. "So that's when we usually see the uptick in those natural starts."

Due to the current dry conditions, fires in the area are more likely to spread rather quickly. 

"We’re primed to burn, meaning that fuels are more susceptible to fire," Wheeler said. "So if we do get that fire start with change or someone leaves a campfire, the likelihood of that fire growing really quickly is there."

Wheeler says it's important that we continue to be responsible when using public land.

"I would urge people to be conscientious of their actions still," Wheeler said. "Don’t become complacent. There are fire restrictions in most every place now. Please adhere to those, and really be prepared to take action."

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