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Prosecutor files manslaughter charges in Bingham County

Shelley_AX_Crash2019_Idaho State Police Twitter
Idaho State Police Twitter

BINGHAM COUNTY, Idaho (KIFI/KIDK) - The Bingham County Prosecutor’s Office has filed two vehicular manslaughter charges, pursuant to Idaho Code § 18-4006(3)(c), regarding an accident on Oct. 5, 2019. The five-car accident on US 91 near Shelley took the lives of two victims.

The accident was investigated by the Idaho State Police, and after a thorough investigation, the reports were turned over to the Bingham County Prosecutor’s Office on Dec. 24, 2019, for a review of charges.

After reviewing the reports that detail the reconstruction of the accident, the phone records, the toxicology reports, the surveillance video and the witness statements, the Bingham County Prosecutor’s Office filed two vehicular manslaughter charges against 30-year-old Jericka Evans of Firth.

“This was a heartbreaking report to read,” Bingham County Prosecutor Paul Rogers said. "After reviewing the law and the fact pattern before me, I am confident that these are the appropriate charges to be filed. I hope that the community keeps the victims’ families in mind when discussing the matter. This case is very sensitive in nature and those involved are still dealing with the effects."

Each of the individual manslaughter counts are considered misdemeanors under Idaho law, and each count has a penalty of up to one year in jail and up to a $2,000 fine and a possible license suspension that is to be determined by the presiding court.

Police report 24-year-old Jean Hurrle of Idaho Falls and a juvenile succumbed to their injuries sustained during the crash at Eastern Idaho Regional Medical Center.

You can read our previous story about the incident HERE.

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  1. On the surface, this is a good thing. At some point–IMO; WELL below this one–distraction, arrogance, indifference, etc. SHOULD be criminally prosecuted! As I am certain the court will, at some point, hear (from a ‘defense’ lawyer! 🙁 ) that ‘No matter what you do to this defendant, it will not bring the deceased back.’
    (Well, no **** ‘Attorney’ Obvious). The prosecution of this ‘driver’ will not even–for a certainty–stop some OTHER moron from THEIR lethal level of self-consumption. But–prosecution (AS WELL AS) a REAL sentence, not simply ‘probation’–will make one or maybe two, of these self- aggrandizing fools from ending others’ lives simply because they ‘Just can’t be BOTHERED….’ by the common folks around them!
    This man (and his child) were slaughtered–albeit without DELIBERATE malice–simply for paying attention to the road and the traffic on it. Had THEY not been there/impacted, it would simply have been the next human being in line, who was ALSO paying attention to the road! Pathetic!
    Now, PLEASE, Prosecutor Paul Rogers, do NOT follow in the ‘footsteps’ of your supposed ‘equal’ to the north (Bonneville County), and allow a ‘driver’ who ends innocent lives–or, of course, injures a (minor!) pedestrian to near-death, and then runs off like a frightened girl–to be bargained down to a TRAFFIC offense. In the American justice system, the prosecutor is SUPPOSED to speak for the victims, living as well as not, when they CAN’T. Please do your job!
    *I am NOT naïve enough to believe that prosecutors OR attorneys actually READ social chat-rooms OR news’ stations’ comment sections. IN that vein, I would like to beseech any ‘regular’ person reading this to make the Bingham County Prosecutor’s Office aware of my comment. There are STILL some people who actually CARE about justice!

    1. So if you were prosecutor, what kind of charges would you have filed?
      We also need to take into consideration if the person has remorse for causing the wreck and will be something they will have to live with the rest of their life.
      Just curious.
      Not trying to disrespect your comment because you do have valid points.

      1. I totally agree that another life doesn’t need to be destroyed out of all of this but I’ve seen the video and I knew one of the victims. I’m sure she’s having a hard time with what she did, but young people need to put their phones down and drive. And if they won’t someone needs to be made into an example of what happens if you don’t. I’m no expert on this but it doesn’t take an expert to figure it out after knowing what caused this

        1. Probably one of the BEST comments I’ve seen so far. While I’m NOT sure in regards to the level OR length of the ‘hard time’ (emotionally) this woman may experience, now OR in the future, I would CERTAINLY argue that facing a valid punishment FOR those peoples’ deaths, resulting from your incompetence–regardless the ‘reason’ for that incompetence–falls WAY short of ‘destroy(ing)’ THAT person’s life.
          The people she KILLED by her hand have had their lives “destroyed”, not her.
          The American justice system is based on stopping/reducing criminal acts through fear of punishment. If there is never any (true) punishment TO fear, well….

      2. I was NOT complaining about what the prosecutor charged. I’m sure he charged what he thought he could support in court. As I am not a lawyer, that seems quite reasonable to me.

        I ‘….take into consideration….’ what I know–or at least feel–to be valid. That average/’normal’ people would feel remorse (for killing two innocent people through incompetence or indifference to others) is probably a reasonable assumption. To assume someone so obviously indifferent to human beings around them as THIS ‘woman’ has displayed HAS remorse, regardless the length of it, is a path I would not walk! I rarely MAKE assumptions because–earlier in my life–I was proven wrong many, many times, and I don’t enjoy BEING wrong.

        I certainly don’t mean to ‘disrespect’ YOUR comment, either, but I have told friends, for decades now, that if my actions/inactions were ever to cause the accidental death of another human being I would be dead by my own hand before the sun set that day. Whether the fact that this has never occurred to me is the result of ‘luck’, or simply the attention I pay when interacting with other human beings around me, is moot. I certainly would not suggest that anyone ELSE entertain such a conviction. In a very LONG life, however, I have never seen anything to make me truly vary FROM that conviction.

    1. Personally, I’d like to see the stupid skank get ten years in prison for EACH victim. Consecutively.

      However, in the REAL world, lawyers, as most everybody else, are in it to win. My guess would be that the Bingham prosecutor presented a type charge he thought–reasonably–he could support/win in court.

      IMO; that is WAY better than charging something that would almost certainly NOT be supportable, just to instigate one of the de rigueur Let’s Make a DEAL ‘justice’ that Bonneville County ‘prosecutors’ are SO damned fond of!

      Now, I may very well be wrong, but I don’t think the Bingham County prosecutor is going to go the Monte Hall route with THIS killer!

  2. Doesn’t state what the tox report contained. But if drunk or on drugs, screw the manslaughter charge, and make it 2nd degree. Jail time for 20 years at the minimum.

    1. I am guessing it was a wireless device that cause the inattentiveness. I would think if they had suspicion of DUI, an arrest would have been made on the spot.

    2. I’m guessing the tox report was zip. Whether or not ‘electronically distracted’ driving is any better than DUI is arguable. However–at least as of yet–‘drivers’ so stupid as to text, etc. using ‘phones’ which are no doubt SMARTer than THEY are or G.O.K. whatever OTHER electronic device they HAVE to be using….ALL the time, are not actually considered to be ‘impaired’. I truly believe that impaired (legally) driving in this instance would have been charged as a felony.

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