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Lt. Governor looks for ways to save government money

IDaho FAlls meeting

IDAHO FALLS, Idaho (KIFI/KIDK) - The search for efficiencies in the state government has come to Idaho Falls.

Lieutenant Governor Janice McGeachin met with local officials as an executive order by Governor Little to find ways to save money.

They talked about making improvements to the state budget processes and seeing if state-run programs are productive and relative to the cost.

Another key topic included thoughts of how other states save money that local leaders would like to have implemented here. 

"We are entering into a new age where agencies can no longer operate on their own silos. We need to look at ways to consolidate and share services across all levels and agencies in our state," said McGeachin.

Mcgeachin is traveling through Idaho's seven regions to meet with local officials.

After hearing people's input, a decision on how the state plans to save money will be implemented next year.

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Ariel Schroeder

Ariel Schroeder

Ariel is a reporter for Local News 8 and KIDK Eyewitness News 3.



    1. Being new to the area, your negative and disparaging remark makes me wonder how and why you live here. And, if you don’t live here then it’s really none of your business now is it?

      1. Well Hugh, since you’re “new to the area” I am a fourth generation Idahoan, so I guess you could say I was from Idaho way before it was cool. I know all your conservative buddies promised you it was nothing but a right wing panacea here, but that is NOT the case. There are still people here who know good governance and I’ve got news for you, she ain’t it. Not even close.

  1. A good start would be with the IDT and their idiocy of opening new entrances to the interstates due to the crying from two mayors (Chubbuck/Pocatello). The northgate was not needed and yet, they spent a fortune on that interchange.
    Second would be to stop some of the support for those too lazy to go out and get a job. Time for people to pay for their own way vs. sucking off other so they can sit in front of the TV and watch cable.

    And Janice is totally competent to hold office and hopefully, will remain.

  2. A really good start to improve this state is to give all elected Democrats and their supporters a one way ticket to California, Oregon, or Washington. Trust me on this one.

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