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Safer Internet Day: are you safe on the internet?


POCATELLO, Idaho (KIFI/KIDK) - Everyone is a target for internet scams.

The internet poses risks for people. Tuesday, Feb. 11 is "Safer Internet Day," to raise awareness of online safety.

“You can think of cyber security as driving a car. Every time you drive a car, you’re taking a risk. You might get into an accident, get hurt. It’s the same thing (online),” said Chase Adams-Hart, a student in Idaho State University's National Information Assurance Training and Education Center.

Adams-Hart is learning how to be a metaphorical sheriff in the wild west of the web, a hard job when people voluntarily share information.

“They want your information as basic as, ‘Oh, you went to this store on this day.’ They want that information because they can use that information," Adams-Hart said.

"They can use it for their own financial gain and market better to you or they can sell it to other people. Your personal information that you disregard--all of us disregard--has a price, has a value, and somebody wants it."

Information that looks useless to the common person can be pieced together by people looking to exploit it.

“Think twice. Think, ‘Okay, I want to post this because I want all my friends to know it,’ but you should also be thinking, ‘What else could be gained from this information?’” Adams-Hart said.

Most consumers are afraid of getting viruses or being hacked, according to a new poll by Unisys Security Index.

Protecting yourself can be as easy as having a long password. Limiting the amount of accounts that have your personal information can help keep you safe.

“Think long and hard about, ‘Why do they need me to make an account? Why do I have to have an account here? Is this necessary? How would they benefit from me having an account here?’” Adams-Hart said.

The best way to stay safe online is to be vigilant and aware of what you're doing online, because we're all targets, Adams-Hart said.

Check your password strength here.

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Emma Iannacone

Emma Iannacone

Emma is a reporter for Local News 8 and KIDK Eyewitness News 3.


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