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Police investigate pride flag burning as possible hate crime

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KAYSVILLE, Utah (AP) — Police in Utah are investigating a possible hate crime after a rainbow pride flag was burned and a note targeting the LGBTQ community was left behind.

KSL News Radio reports a homeowner in Kaysville told police early Thursday morning a flag was cut from a flagpole and set on fire in the street.

Officer Lexi Benson says police are investigating the incident as a hate crime after a note was left behind containing Bible scriptures purporting to condemn the LGBTQ community and other derogatory terms.

It comes after a video showing a Utah high school student cutting down a pride flag during gained widespread attention online in April.

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  1. So burning a LGBTQ flag could be a hate crime; however, burning a US flag is your right?
    (I understand if someone else owns a flag and you burn it, you have stolen it.)

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