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Mainstream Republicans seek to ‘rescue’ Idaho – from the GOP

BOISE, Idaho (AP) — Mainstream Idaho Republicans concerned about a takeover by the surging far-right wing of the party are asking Democrats, Independents or other affiliated voters to register as Republicans to vote in the party’s May primary.

Republicans closed their primary a decade ago, and the already deep-red state has been turning deeper red ever since.

It could go further that way next year with the ultra far-right lieutenant governor challenging the more moderate governor.

Republican primaries draw fewer but more hard-right voters than general elections.

The Republican primary typically decides most elected offices, and particularly statewide elected offices as Democrats usually only get about 40% of the vote.

Associated Press


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  1. So, these so called mainstream republicans don’t want a fair and balanced election. I’m one of those, fairly moderate republicans but after reading this and if I confirm it is true, I will vote for an ultra right candidate. Let’s hope it backfires.
    Don’t being demorats into our party just so you can keep the state in your pocket. Allow us to think and vote for who we want, not who you want.

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