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Parents weigh time and safety to make back-to-school choices

School reopening concerns logo Piqsels eflon : Flickr : CC BY 2.0
Piqsels eflon : Flickr : CC BY 2.0

BOISE, Idaho (AP) — Many Idaho parents who want their kids to attend school online during the coronavirus pandemic can get computer equipment and even lunches provided by their school district.

But they’ll need to supply plenty of time — the Boise School District estimates parents will need between two and four hours a day to help online students.

Spokesman Dan Hollar says the district has comprehensive plans to keep kids and staffers safe in school buildings. B

ut Dr. David Peterman, the CEO of Primary Health Medical Group, says that the high rate of COVID-19 infections in the Boise region makes it nearly impossible to prevent the virus from spreading in schools. 

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