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Pocatello’s 8th Annual Environmental Fair

The eighth annual Environmental Fair kicked off in Pocatello on Saturday.

“It’s just awesome,” said Environmental Fair Committee Chair Hannah Sanger.

She was talking about one of her favorite events at the fair – the Student Recycled Art Contest.

But that was just one of several activities for the community to check out at this year’s fair.

“I think it is one of my favorite events in Pocatello,” said Billie Johnson, an attendee at the fair. “The sun seems to come out for it every single year, and here we are – lucky once again.”

The environmental fair coincides with Earth Day, which is on Monday, April 22.

A number of organizations were on hand explaining how people can help their environment.

“That’s what I think has been most exciting,” said Sanger, “Is the community support we have to fund it. We have 100 booths from the community here, and then a great community turnout.”

In its first year eight years ago, the fair had about 500 people attend. Last year it had about 5,000, and is looking at even more this year.

The event includes: fire history in Pocatello, facts about water usage in everyday life, and giveaways of recycled bags and other prizes.

There were booths about solar energy, the bugs that live in the Portneuf River, and the plants and food native to the area.

“I think that’s why people come year after year,” Sanger said. “It’s a great opportunity to learn about this valley that we call home and learn a few new things every year.”

Sanger says she thanks the sponsors and community for their support.

“People like to just get outside and enjoy Pocatello,” said Sanger. “I think that’s what this fair does really well, is it celebrates Pocatello. We’re blessed to have such a supportive community.”

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