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Miss Teen Idaho Falls Marches Against Child Abuse

Miss Teen Idaho Falls, 13-year old Ashely Traughber, held a march in Idaho Falls Monday to raise awarenessabout child abuse.

Surrounded by the blue and white pinwheels in front of the Bonneveille County Courthouse, Traughber proudly wore her sash and braved the cold temperatures.

Traughber has been active in the pageant scene since she was 8 years old. Monday, she traded the glamour of pageant life to march on the streets for her platform to promotechild abuse prevention.

“I’ve had personal experience with it. And it’s because my biological mother abandoned me because she was addicted to meth,” said Traughber.

“My daughter was addicted to meth and as a result she abandoned Ashley and my husband and I adopted her,” said Ashley’s grandmother.

Sonja Traughber said telling Ashley her mom’s story will teach her the truth about abuse and drugs.

“She’s always known since day one who her mom was so we’ve never hid that from her,” said Traughber.

The young teen’s connection to child abuse doesn’t stop at her mother. Her two sisters were also taken away, and her cousin died at just6 years old from being beaten so badly.

“It’s a growing problem and just children being hurt at all, it just hurts my heart to see children in pain,” said Traughber.

Proudly holding the colorful signs, this team marches to prevent another child from abuse.

“It’s a serious thing, and as I say, one child is one child too many,” said Traughber.

“I’m just proud of Ashley,” said Sonja Traughber.

The teen hopes to work with lawmakers to get stricter child abuse laws passed.

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