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New Autism study: 1 in 50 kids diagnosed

New statistics released from the National Health Statistic Reports shows autism now affects 1 in 50 children.

Doctor Monika Buerger, owner of Eagle Canyon Wellness center in Ammon, was trained at the Autism Research Institute.

She said these new numbers breakdown to a 13percentannual increase in diagnosis. At that rate, by 20-22, one in nine 3-year-olds could have autism.

She said environmental stressors play a huge role, and there is a lot of hope to change those numbers.

Andrea Watson’s son Dylan has autism. “I had to do just as much therapy and talking and learning as he did,” said Watson.

Dylan was diagnosed with autism at three.

“I was terrified. You think you know how to be a parent, but you realize you don’t know anything,” said Watson.

As more kids are diagnosed, more parents may be in Watson’s shoes.

“One in 50 as of 2013 wasn’t a big surprise for those of us in the work. It was very disturbing to us to say the least,” said Buerger

Buerger says there are environmental stressors that contribute to Autism. Buerger said most are found during pregnancy, birth, and in the first two years of life.

“Cesarean section is a co-founding factor of a child later being diagnosed with autism,” said Buerger

Buerger uses a biomedical treatment approach, behavioral therapy, and major diet changes to reduce toxic load.

“I can’t wait for the day that I see one of my kids out there and they’re president. They have the capability of doing that. So it’s not a death sentence, it’s a journey. It can be a difficult journey, but also an amazing one,” said Buerger.

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