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Homeowners fear new subdivision access will endanger children

A subdivision currently under construction in Bonneville County has people living in one neighborhood housing area fearing for the safety of their children.

At Calico Sky, there are plans to extend Vision Drive over the canal to give drivers access to the new subdivision.

Homeowners say traffic from the new homes being built will put neighborhood kids lives in danger.

“I haven’t talked to anyone in our neighborhood who doesn’t agree with us and have the same concern,” said Autumn Wilson, a homeowner.

In a subdivision mostly young families call home, dozens of kids can be spotted playing outside on every block.

“Just in the 10 houses right here close by, there’s like 32 little kids under age 5, so it’s really just a lot of kids going back and forth to their friends houses and stuff,” said Kari Snedaker, a homeowner.

The road is essentially a dead end now, but once the subdivision is built, playing outside could have serious consequences.

“We don’t have any problem with the new subdivision going in,” said Wilson. “We think it’s great. Our problem is extending Vision Road and making it twice as long.”

Ideally, the neighborhood would like to see the new housing development have its own separate entry.

“Or if they have to put in a road for emergency reasons, put breakaway bollards so emergency vehicles can get through but not everyday traffic,” said Wilson.

Neighbors say their community will grow even more by the time the new subdivision is built, so they hope the county will act quickly.

“10 of my friends are having kids, so there will be a lot more little kids running around here. It’s definitely a concern,” said Snedaker.

The neighborhood isn’t going down without a fight. They started a petition to hopefully draw attention to their safety concerns.

The county planners did not return our request for an interview Wednesday .

However, Tuesday afternoon over the phone, the county’s planning and zoning office told NPG of Idaho these concerns are legitimate.

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