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Back-to-school coloring contest kicks off

Bingham Memorial Hospital kicked off their 2nd Annual Back-to-School Coloring Contest Thursday at Stalker Elementary School.

A gymnasium packed with 350 kids cheered as they received donated Crayola crayon boxes from Dr. Gary M. Ullery, a pediatriacian at Bingham Memorial.

“These are the big boxes that mom and dad usually don’t buy. So it’s nice to give them the big boxes,” Ullery said.

Artist from grades K through 8th will be able to participate in the coloring contest. Winners of the event will take home a new bike, $500 to their class and up to $10,000 for their school.

This year kids will color the Bingham Memorial logo and draw what they want to be when they grow up.

Ullery said keeping kids enthusiastic about learning and school is key to success.

“Everybody has dreams, and a lot of those dreams include education. So if you want to pursue your dreams, it starts with good education. Elementary, middle school and high school those are the building blocks to future education and to really establishing that basis that kids need to have the basic understand and learning to help them go and pursue their dreams,” Ullery said.

Works of art should be submitted no later than Friday, Sept. 30. Any elementary or middle school in eastern Idaho can participate.

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