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County commissioners, BLM meet to discuss Henry’s Creek Fire costs

Bonneville County Commissioners and BLM officials met to determine how to split the cost from the Henry’s Creek Fire. The total cost as of Wednesday is $4.4 million.

In Wednesday’s meeting, county commissioners discussed the amount they’ll be paying. The largest cost comes from air resources, totaling about $1.5 million. The final costs will be determined after the fire fighting is finished. Some federal grant money will cover the county’s portion of the costs.

The FEMA grant will cover up to 3/4 of the cost to the county. The cost-share agreement will be determined by the number of acres burned.

“Go back and try to calculate when it got to certain point. And whose responsibility it was for that day. That’s why you heard the discussion going through there of on this day on the map the fire went here than we came to agreement. I don’t think there’s ever been a natural disaster to this urgency and magnitude in the history of the county,” said Roger Christensen, Bonneville County Commissioner.

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