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Study: 7% of People Have Lost Friends Over Election Differences

The 2016 Presidential Election has brought out the worst in people, according to a new study from Monmouth University. The polarizing political fights have been so severe, some study respondents say they have lost friends over it.

“It has made me realize that this has become more important to some people than their relationships,” Tina Bataska said, while describing why she had to delete a Facebook friend who became too polarizing.

The Monmouth University study found seven-percent of people are in the same situation of Bataska, having lost a friend because of this year’s election.

There is no clear reason as to why this year’s election has brought out so much fighting amongst friends, but some experts believe the use of social media in this election could be a factor.

“People are extremely harsh and they will say things, really negative things, about their dislike for a particular platform or stance that these political candidates might have,” AJ Rupp with Manwaring Web Solutions, said. “They would have never (said these things) to another individual in person”.

The Monmouth University study was done Sept. 22 – 25 via landline and cellphone. It has a margin of error of 3.5 percentage points.

There are currently 40 days until the election.

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