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Leadore School in the running for $100,000 grant

Kevin Ramsey has been teaching at Leadore School for nearly two decades. He loves the school, the students and the community. So, when he heard about the Farmers Insurance Dream Big Grant Award for $100,000 dollars, he decided to apply.

“I took a chance,” Ramsey said. “I figured this is a pretty big grant , but if I don’t try it, then I’m never going to know if I’m going to get it or not.”

Leadore School is somewhat unique. The nearest big city is Idaho Falls, which is120 miles away. There are 65 students in the K-12 school. Most are children of ranchers. There are 15 high school age students with an average class size of three.

They have a lot of school spirit, but there’s a lot they don’t have, like a working shop. It’s currently used for storage because the equipment is so old.

“A lot of the tools that we have are from 1960s surplus,” Ramsey said.

There are two more elements of the grant request – a greenhouse and a fitness trail.

“And you think of all the thing we can accomplish with 100-thousand dollars,” superintendent, Michael Jacobson, said. “It would be amazing for our school.”

Ramsey was one of 15 teachers whose grant was accepted for voting. The top six vote recipients get the $100,000 grant. With a population of 107, Leadore residents are counting on support from the rest of Idaho.

Ramsey says because of their remote location and small size, Leadore students have some disadvantages and they need all the help they can get.

“This grant would give the kids that attend here an opportunity to learn additional things that they wouldn’t learn anywhere else,” Ramsey said.

People can vote once each day during October. Students, teachers, administrators and Leadore residents are hoping you will vote for Kevin Ramsey’s grant proposal at

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