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Idaho State University and Senator Crapo speak against domestic violence

October is domestic violence awareness month. On Monday, Idaho State University held an event to speak out against domestic violence. The theme for the event was “It Shouldn’t Be Scary to Be in a Relationship.”

Senator Mike Crapo was one of the speakers at the event.

“Violence against partners, against spouses, against children, against co-workers, is absolutely unacceptable and will not be tolerated,” Crapo said.

Crapo spoke about the importance of people being an example to others in society, especially men. He believes more men need to stand up against domestic violence and show others violent behavior is not okay.

Crapo also talked about all the efforts Congress is making to help prevent domestic violence.

He talked about the two main acts in Congress – the Violence Against Women Act and the Victims of Crimes Act. The VOCA is a financial support program designed for victims of domestic violence. The money comes from those who commit violent crimes, not taxpayers. The money is supposed to go out to victims, but Crapo said right now, there is stall with it in Congress because of budget issues. Crapo said that is one area he wants to push for in the next session.

Idaho State University President Arthur Vailas and the director of the access and diversity group on campus also spoke.

ISU said even though it’s consistently rated as one of the safest campuses, it doesn’t mean it’s immune to domestic violence or sexual assault.

People who attended the event said they felt it was a great way to bring awareness and they agreed with the remarks.

“If these issues are talked about more often, especially geared towards men, and kind of put the idea in their heads as well as anyone else’s head, it means that we are creating an awareness,” said Mohammed Alam, who works in the finance department at ISU.

Members of the Shoshone-Bannock Tribe and the Family Services Alliance also spoke at the event.

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