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Louis Archuleta van offering drivers ride to the polls

Idaho House District 28 candidate Louis Archuleta is offering early voters a lift to the polls.

Archuleta has paid for a van through both some campaign funds and his own personal expense. The van holds 15 people.

Archuleta said the goal of the van and the free rides is to encourage voter turnout.

His campaign manager, J.D. Wardell, said the van will cover both Bannock and Power counties. He said they try to focus on more rural, outlying areas, like Marsh Valley or Lava Hot Springs. He said outlying areas can be a long drive for people to come to Pocatello to vote, so that’s where the free ride service can really come in handy.

He and Archuleta hope by having this option it will encourage more people to go vote because they have the ability.

But voters are also getting more than just a ride to the polls. They get a chance to meet Archuleta in person. Archuleta said he will be in the van and meeting the voters. They can talk to him, ask him questions, pass along ideas and just get to know him on a more personal level.

“I want to meet the people,” Aruchuleta said. “Here’s a chance to meet people I wouldn’t have a chance to meet otherwise. When you’re a representative, you have to represent the people. That means you need to meet them and talk to them and see what they want.”

The van will be offering rides through Friday, Nov. 4. It will drop voters off at the polls and pick them up.

Wardell will be the one in the driver’s seat. He said it’s a great chance to meet the voters in Bannock and Power counties. He said this is also a great opportunity for people.

He said no matter a person’s opinion on the presidential race, local candidates still need the public’s support and votes.

“Eighty percent of the rules that affect our lives are made by state legislators, county commissioners and city councilmen,” Wardell said. “And so getting out and voting is so important in Idaho.”

Wardell said there are no requirements to get a ride, as long as people can get in and out of the van with minimal assistance. There is no wheelchair accessibility in the van.

Wardell said party affiliation does not matter, they just want to help people get to the polls.

Archuleta said he’s excited to do the rides and get to meet people. He said his reason behind doing it all comes down to responsibility.

“Leadership should be helping people fulfill their civic duties,” Archuleta said. “It is a civic duty to vote so that’s why I’m doing this.”

Wardell said there are some other local candidates who are helping to pay for the gas for the van to help get voters to the polls. Those candidates are: Jerry Sturgill, Roger Hernandez, Linda Leeuwrik, Steve Landon and Mark Nye.

To schedule a ride, call the Archuleta campaign office at 208-417-1947.

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