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Residents in Idaho Falls deal with Heavy Rain Damage

If you were near Idaho Falls last night, you may have felt the wrath of the strong winds from the thunderstorms. After last night’s rain, many people woke up this morning to trees toppled over in their yards. Homeowner Allen Reed said he is glad the only thing he has to do is bring a loader to remove the trees. A total of five trees fell in his front and backyards. He said he is lucky one just barely missed the corner of his home. “The wind started to blow and then it got really bad and really gusty. We were worried about the trees and other things here around the farm and then when we looked outside, we saw that this tree had fallen over. We were lucky that it wasn’t any taller,” Homeowner Allen Reed said. Reed said the strangest thing was the rain and wind were so loud, his family did not hear or feel the trees fall. Another man KIFI/KIDK spoke to is saddened by the damage to his property. “I was sitting here watching TV and about 9:30 we had a big gust of wind, evidently, and the tree next door split and fell on the top of our trailer and building. It sounded like a bomb,” Homeowner Kenneth McClaskey said. McClaskey said his biggest challenge now is getting his roof repaired.

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