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The holiday weekend brought snow

The first snowfall meant a day of excitement for many, for weeks Idahoan’s have been anticipating when and where the the first snowfall will drop.

The city of Rexburg had it’s first snowfall Saturday night and many local residents woke up to a winter wonderland Sunday morning.

Some areas in the region stayed dried and some got a couple inches of snow overnight. Fresh, white and gleaming, the season’s first snow arrived over the Thanksgiving holiday weekend, gracing the roof tops of local businesses and the trunks of parked cars.

In Rexburg, locals had to bring out their snow shovels and start clearing sidewalks. Chris Edstrom was out early Sunday removing snow.

“It’s almost December so I’ve been expecting the snow,” Edstrom said.

Edstrom said he’s looking forward to snowboarding season but he’s not looking forward to snow shoveling.

“It snowed last night so I’m shoveling snow but I don’t really enjoy removing it,” Edstrom said.

Cody Clark said he anticipated the snowfall in Rexburg because he had watched the local news forecast.

“The news predicted the snowfall fairly well, but I didn’t anticipate the volume that fell. I wanted to get a head start on shopping so I headed out of early,” Clark said.

Clark adds, “I’m not a fan of the snow I can do with out. I’m going to have to do some snow shoveling and plowing to keep the roads safe.”

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