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4th of July to See Temps Nearing Triple Digits

It definitely feels like July when high temperatures are expected to roll over southeast Idaho these next few days, some reaching as high as 99 degrees.

For parade goers, this could be dangerous.

Portneuf Medical Center spokesperson Todd Blackington said the hospital’s ER sees between 90 and 100 people each day, and there’s always a spike in patients during this long, hot holiday weekend.

“We will see anything from fireworks accidents to people being out in the sun for too long, or even car crashes, unfortunately,” Blackington said.

He said, to avoid any heat-related illnesses such as heatstroke, it’s a good idea to start hydrating the night before, which is something most people don’t think about.

Some signs and symptoms of heatstroke are: a throbbing headache; dizziness; a lack of sweating despite the heat; red, hot, and dry skin; muscle weakness or cramping; nausea or vomiting; rapid heartbeat, which may either be strong or weak; rapid, shallow breathing.

But, that’s just a small portion of patients who come through the ER during the holiday weekend. The hospital also sees a number of trauma patients from car accidents as well.

AAA expects the Fourth of July to be the busiest travel weekend of the year for Idahoans.

Blackington said PMC is one of two level-two trauma hospitals in the region, with EIRMC being the other.

This means, trauma patients from Twin Falls and eastward have to be flown-in to PMC to be treated.

“(Our doctors) are prepared for anything that comes their way,” Blackington added.

He said as of this week, PMC has seen 35 trauma calls since Memorial Day. Last year, there were 39 trauma calls that were called into the hospital from EMS crews.

Fortunately, Blackington added, the hospital has not seen a lot of accidents related to water activities, and hopes it stays this way as more people head-out to take advantage of the sunny skies and hot weather.

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