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Fourth of July parade-goers donate to Interfaith Community collection float

A food drive took part in the Idaho Falls Fourth of July Independence Day Parade.

The Interfaith Community Service Project lined up with the rest of the floats Tuesday morning. It was encouraged by the Idaho Falls mayor and the city council that people come to the parade with donations and drop them off on the collection float.

“It is important to work together on good things. And it’s time when people are discouraged, when people are discouraged about how the world is going and those negative influences, we can make a difference right where we stand. And we can look around and see the needs that are there and give them ourselves, and we will have a blessing on our hands if we do it,” said coordinator Fritz Schmutz.

The Interfaith Community Service Project is a group that is made up of 10 different faiths that do community service projects and give to those in need.

All of the food gathered will be divided up and go to all of the major charities in town.

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