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Survey seeks to resolve conflicts with bears

The Jackson Hole Conservation Alliance has launched a survey to learn more about human-bear conflicts, regulations, and personal habits. The objective is to learn ways of making the community safer for both humans and bears. Master’s student Pietro Castelli is running the study this summer as an intern with the Alliance’s “Wild Neighborhoods” program. The program is coordinated by the Alliance. It brings together local agencies and non-profits to provide homeowners with information and resources to reduce conflicts with wildlife and prepare for wildfire. “We have a responsibility to live compatibly with the many wild animals that share this space with us,” said JHWF Executive Director Jon Mobeck. “The future of the grizzly bear, in particular, depends upon our community’s willingness to embrace that responsibility. The survey will help to provide a baseline understanding of where we are as a community, and more importantly, where we need to go.” You can link directly to the survey here.

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