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‘River Buddies’ team up with local fishermen to mentor youth

The Bannock County Juvenile Justice System wants to help get kids involved in positively structured activities. One of the ways that they do this, is working with ‘River Buddies’. Kids in the program are mentored by adults and taught how to fly fish.

“We are giving kids an opportunity who may not normally have opportunities like this. All these kids that are doing this would not really have the opportunity to go fly fishing, float down the river in a drift boat if it was not for this program,” commented Todd Mauger, the chief juvenile probation officer at the Bannock County Probation Office.

Programs like this also help kids stay out of the juvenile justice system.

“Research shows if kids are involved in pro-social activities, they are less likely to get in trouble. Less likely to commit crimes in the community. You are connecting them with the community in positive ways rather than negative ways” said Mauger.

Mauger added, they are always looking for mentors in the community. If you fly fish and are interested in making a donation to River Buddies or want to get involved, contact the Snake River Fly shop here.

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