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Escaped small mountain cat recaptured at Salt Lake City zoo

A small mountain cat who escaped at a Salt Lake City zoo has been recaptured after two days on the lam.

Zoo officials say they used mice to lure the young Pallas’ cat named Mushu into a live trap late Monday.

Hogle Zoo spokeswoman Erica Hansen says in a statement that Mushu was holed up in a small construction area near his enclosure, an ideal hiding spot for the elusive creature.

The Pallas’ cat is smaller than the average housecat and not dangerous. Mushu will be examined by vets before he’s returned to his exhibit.

The Sunday-morning disappearance marked the second time in as many years that a feline at the zoo escaped through a hole in mesh topping an enclosure. A rare leopard squeezed out of a different exhibit in June 2016.

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