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Hail storm brings big business to roofing companies

Homeowners are still finding damage from last month’s hail storm. It’s bringing in big business for roofing companies.

One company even had to increase staff.

“We were used to getting probably eight to ten new leads a day,” said Mark Franklin, owner of Roof Rescue. “For the first week or couple weeks especially, we were getting so many calls that we could, like, we’d miss three or four calls for every one we got.”

While you may not notice damage on your roof, it could be there. Getting it fixed now will be better so it doesn’t lead to other damage in the future.

“So, what hail does to shingles, there’s a fiber glass matt inside the shingle that the asphalt is pressed into and then granules pressed on top,” Franklin said. “In addition to knocking those granules off, it breaks that fiber glass matt. There’s not immediate danger of leaking, but it definitely makes the shingles wear out a lot faster than they would otherwise.”

If you haven’t checked for damage yet, it is important to do so.

“If it hit a neighborhood, it pretty much every house in the neighborhood,” Franklin said. “If there’s dent on the garage door, if there were dents on cars parked outside or mailboxes, anything that’s going to dent metal is big enough to do significant damage to their roof.”

If you need someone to check your roof for hail damage, call a local roofer. Some insurance companies limit time to file a claim, so you may want to ask for an extension while getting it fixed.

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